Seller Tips

The secret to a fast Home sale: Two Words….

When asked what the two most important words for home sellers would be, most would say a combination including “price, location, or condition.” Most advice on selling a house centers around these three subjects, and plenty has been written about each. But, if you want to have an advantage over the other sellers in your price range, I suggest you consider two other words.

What most advice on selling doesn’t mention is “perceived Value.”

Your house is not worth what you think it is worth, or what your Realtor thinks it is worth, or what you need to get for it, or what your neighbor’s house sold for. Your Realtor will help you determine a listing price, but the actual worth of your house is what a buyer perceives it to be worth.

What buyers think is the only thing that matters. Buyer’s perception is your reality. The secret to a fast sale is creating a perception of value throughout the house. Unmatched value, in comparison to the other houses you are competing against, is the way to guarantee that your house sells before the rest.

Here are some examples of ways to make a house appear more valuable:

• Updated light fixtures

• Current paint colors, wall art, window treatments

• New carpet or refinished hardwood

• Updated hardware on cabinets

• Slipcovers for dated furniture

• Organized closets and cabinets

• Impressive and appealing MLS photos

Consult with your Realtor and a professional home stager for more ways to make your house appear more valuable to buyers. Also, you could visit the competition and see how your house measures up.

Don’t think of preparing your house for sale as an expense, think of it as an investment.